Sail & Snorkel Safari

Hey guys, I know some people have been having a little problem viewing our videos using firefox or iexplorer, but the IT technical department has been hard at work trying to fix the problem.
Here is a short clip of the boys taking some lucky guests out on our Sail & Snorkel Safari. Enjoy and Please let us know if there is any trouble viewing this clip.

2 Responses to “Sail & Snorkel Safari”
  1. Mary Purcell says:

    Hey guys…SO…no. This video does not work. I have Internet explorer and it says “Your browser does not support the video tag.” The only video that DOES show up is the one of Apollo getting another 7 years good luck.

  2. Mary Purcell says:

    oh and this is on my HP laptop. I CAN get your videos on my iPod touch…..

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