Smooth Trunk fish seen snorkeling in the Cayman Islands

We are fortunate to have very healthy reefs on the East End of Grand Cayman. There is an abundance of fish and coral but also great variety of marine life. One sign of a healthy eco-system is being able to see fish in all stages of development. Here is a short clip of a couple of smooth trunk fish which we filmed on our 2 Stop Snorkel Tour. The first fish is a full grown adult male, almost a foot long. The second Trunk Fish is a juvenile and is very tiny, only about the size of a grape. It’s amazing that with such little fins that it can swim at all! Enjoy the clip and remember to take the time to look at the little things while snorkeling. Sometimes they are the most interesting

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  1. Joan Lawson says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful photography.

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