The turtles are sneaky!

It should be quite obvious that sea turtles haven’t survived for millions of years by making their nests easy for predators to find. It would seem that they are also pretty good at hiding their nests from people too. Every day we have people walking the beach looking for turtle tracks in the sand but since the Reef Resort has the longest beach of any resort in the Cayman Islands, apparently we can sometimes miss them. Two nights ago we had a nest hatch that we didn’t even know about! Most likely the mother turtle laid her eggs in the night shortly before a rain squall which would have erased her tracks by the morning. Big thanks to bartenders Nick and Colin staying late after shutting down the bar to make sure the baby turtles made it to the water safely. Remember to keep looking for those tracks on your morning walks and please report any possible nests to the White Sand hut, or the Cayman Islands D.O.E.

(photo from Bing)

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  1. It’s been a month since your last blog. Gotta say, White Sand has a nice setup outside The Reef. Would like to thank Apollo for making my sons feel welcome… and for telling me about that nurse shark. I got to see it the day before we left, and it was the highlight of my visit. Hoping to return again next year!

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