The Next Grand Cayman Sting Ray City/Sand Bar Boat

Hey guys! here are some photos of our boat up on the stands getting ready for a bottom coat of paint.  Getting so close, and SOOO excited!!  Thank You ALL for helping out on Name this Boat!  We have decided to narrow it down to our three favourite names: “Stuck N’ Traffic” “Little Stinger” OR  “Apollo”.  What do you think?  At the bottom of this page, click on the name that you like best, and ONLY that name, so we can get a total of clicks of each name by the unique page views from our Google Analytics data.

Click on only ONE of the below names to help White Sand name our Sting Ray boat.

 STUCK N’ TRAFFIC                           LITTLE STINGER                                 APOLLO



5 Responses to “The Next Grand Cayman Sting Ray City/Sand Bar Boat”
  1. Mary Purcell says:

    Hmmm, there is nowhere to click on our favorite name at the bottom of this page!? Is there a link somewhere?

  2. Mary Purcell says:

    Just a suggestion, perhaps you can post on your main FB page and have people leave one comment with their favorite name out of the three, that way, each person gets one vote and won’t click over and over again for their favorite name!

    • Alan says:

      Great suggestion, but we are only looking at unique hits, so only if a person goes to several different computers with different IP addresses will it count as more than one vote. We think that if anyone wants to go through that much effort to get more than one vote, then we’ll give them the chance :)

  3. Mary Purcell says:

    Ah there are the links! And all understood regarding the casting of votes…good luck to all!

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