Stingrays love Captain Chris!!

One thing we keep hearing about our Stingray City Trips is how Captain Chris seems to have a way with the rays. I guess since he is usually the first one to feed them everyday on our Sunrise Tour, the rays have developed a fondness for him which is obvious to everyone around.

This great picture was taken today by our friend (who is also an excellent photographer) Ellen Cuylaerts. As you can see, the rays greet Chris like a dog does when you first come home.

Since we only take small groups they can fill up quickly so contact us if you want to make a reservation.

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  1. Julie says:

    Great picture! I thought the same thing when we went on the Sunrise tour in the beginning of April. They go straight to him. Very cool. He is a very nice man and we had the time of our lives. Can not wait to one day take our children when they get a little older.

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