Jet Ski Snorkel Safari with a Hammerhead Shark!

Glen and Terri from Rhode Island got a rare and amazing treat the other day while on their Jet Ski Snorkel Safari. Shortly into the tour, their guide Dave spotted something large and dark moving through the water. As they approached it became instantly clear due to its unique shape and swimming style that this was a 7 foot hammerhead shark. While normally very shy and reclusive, we were able to get close to the shark while on our jet skis. Getting to see something like this up close is awesome enough, but then the shark started chasing a fish along the surface, tail and dorsal fin thrashing out of the water while a small grunt swam and jumped trying to escape becoming the shark’s mid-morning snack. After the shark finished feeding and settled down, Dave was able to jump in the water and snorkel with it before it off into the depths. Definitely something to remember and proof of what we say at the beginning of each tour; “You never know what you are going to see!”

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  1. Mary Drysdale says:

    Terri!!! I’m so excited for you both, and WISH we were at the Reef too!!
    Have fun, and have a frozen or 4 for me!!

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