Having A SUPer Saturday In Grand Cayman

What better way to spend your Saturday? come out to The Reef Resort, and see the White Sand boys for all your water sport needs.  From kayaks, to stand up paddle boards for rent.  To sting ray city trips, sail snorkel safaris, jet ski tours, and private charters, white sand water sports has something for […]

Sunrise Sting Ray City, OR Sunrise Surf in Grand Cayman

GOOD MORNING!!! No sure why I have this sudden urge to go surf when I look at this photo? Wanted to share, just cause it looks cool.  Vacationing in Grand Cayman? Stop by the reef resort, and come stay hi. RETAIL SHOP           STRING RAY CITY             SUP RENTALS  […]

Wild Dolphin in Grand Cayman

Here is famous Randy aka Stinky playing with White Sand Water Sports anchor, just outside of Kaibo Yacht Club.  Come on one of our Sting Ray City Trips, and while we can’t guarantee Randy will be there, we’ll guarantee you’ll have a good time.  Thanks again to the Clark Family for the great day and […]

Great feedback for our Sunrise Stingray City Tours

We knew as soon as we starting doing our Sunrise Stingray City Tours that they would be a success. Who wouldn’t want to visit the sandbar and all those friendly stingrays with just a few other people? What we didn’t know was just how overwhelmingly positive the feedback would be. Here is a little excerpt […]

Snorkeling tours

White Sand is proud to offer several different snorkel tour to suit all the needs of our guests. Jet Ski snorkeling, Sail and Snorkel Safaris, and even our Sunrise Stingray City and Snorkel tour. For those who want to maximize their time in the water at some of Grand Cayman’s best reefs, there is not […]

Tuff Day At The ‘Office’….. Sting Ray City Grand Cayman

How could this EVER get old!! Another Great day At Sting Ray City Grand Cayman.  Check out White Sand Water Sports at the Reef Resort in Beautiful East End Grand Cayman for ALL of you water sport needs.   345-916-7263  OR   345-938-7263

SHARK!!! At Sting Ray City

SHARK!!!! oooooppsss its just Randy the Dolphin pfeew.  Great way to end our Sting Ray City trip.  No need to go to the dolphin parks on this trip

Captain Chris at Sting Ray City

Here is Captain Chris Giving the Sting Rays their first meal of the day.  Guess who Their best friend is right now?

Sunrise Sting Ray City Grand Cayman

Why Do Sting Ray City like this……..   When you Can do it like this!!!! Beat the crowds, and join White Sand Water Sports on a Sunrise Sting Ray City trip.  Private charters also available.    

Another Great Morning At Sting Ray City

Its breakfast time at Sting Ray City! Being the first boat out, means its the Rays first meal. Come join White Sand on a Sunrise Sting Ray trip.