Grand Cayman Dive Sites

Here we profile some of the top Grand Cayman dive sites. There is fantastic conditions for diving all over Grand Cayman. Great visibility, warm water, low currents and some of the most colorful reefs packed with marine life that you will find in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman Island is also home to some of the most dramatic wall dives in the world as it is located directly above the Grand Cayman trench which plunges to nearly 6000 feet just a short distance off shore. On top of these great natural features, the Cayman Islands has also realized the value of the scuba diving tourism industry and as such has gone to lengths to create and protect dive sites.

Sting Ray City

Stingray City is often referred to as the best twelve foot dive in the world. Stingray city started out years ago when fishermen used this location to clean their daily catch. The stingrays would gather to feed on the scraps of fish and have now become incredibly used to people. Stingray city offers a very unique experience for new and experienced divers where you can actually hand feed these graceful creatures as they gather each day for their meal. This location is also great for families looking to go snorkeling with their younger children. With the depth being only 12 feet or so, the snorkeling is fantastic with the feedings being able to be witnessed from the surface as well. There is also a sandbar nearby where people often visit on weekends and stingrays come into water that is only 4 feet or so deep.stingray city cayman

USS Kittiwake

Tuss kittiwake grand caymanhe USS Kittiwake is a purpose sunk ship which was opened to divers on January 6th, 2011. This wreck dive has quickly become one of the best wreck dives in the world. The Kittiwake, which is an impressive 251 feet long and boasts a 42 foot beam, has already started attracting coral growth and plenty of marine life that are now using it for habitat.

The wreck which is designated as a marine wildlife area is protected and is only used for diving and snorkeling. There are 5 open decks which make it great for wreck diving fans. If you are looking to enter the wreck you should be advised that a wreck diving specialty course is required. The dive site is also open for both day and night dives.


There is a large pinnacle at this site that has a canyon dissecting the North Wall of Grand Cayman. This dive starts at around 40 feets and then heads down to some fantastic plate coral stands that sit at around 30 meters or 100 feet. There is an incredible amount of rope sponges and black coral bushes that line the wall of this dive making it a very unique and very beautiful dive.

The Maze: 50-100FT

Drop down off the boat to the mooring line in about 60ft and then drop into a swim through that will take you into The Maze which you will navigate around the large rock formations and canyons before popping out over the wall at 100ft.

Always plenty of sharks to see on this site, one not to miss.

Grouper Grotto: 20-50FT

Great site for both divers and snorklers with the Table coral under the boat only being in 20ft, also great for safety stops. Then you have several canyons that leed you into the schools of Tarpon just happy sitting there. Moving on to some cool caverns and a sand patch in about 50ft with a lot of Yellow Headed Jaw Fish poking out of little holes.

Always a lot of Chubb around 10-20ft too.

Snapper Hole: 20-65FT

If you like chutes, tunnels, cuts and swim throughs, this site is for you. At certain times of years all the chutes are full to the brim of Silversides and Tarpon. Look out for sharks, eagle rays and of course schools od Snappers

This site would be a East end favorite by all divemasters. The signature of this site is the coral covered anchor from the wreck of the Methusalem, a 300ft tanker that is longer sailing the world. Great spot to get that perfect holiday snap.

Anchor Point: 50-100+Ft

A top class North wall site, teaming with yellow tube sponges and barrel sponges the size of small cars. The soft corals are healthy and pristine and the fish life second to none.

Don’t forget to see Sponge face as you are cruising the wall and look out into the blue for the those bigger guys passing by.

Black Rock Reef: 20-60ft

If you have not dived in a while or its your first time. This is the place to come.

20ft under the boat is a beautiful coral head teaming with chub, snappers, eels and grouper cleaning stations. A cool little swim through too if your up to it.

Dropping down on the coral fingers and sand flats, great for seeing stingrays and maybe even a reef shark swimming by.


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