Snorkeling tours

White Sand is proud to offer several different snorkel tour to suit all the needs of our guests. Jet Ski snorkeling, Sail and Snorkel Safaris, and even our Sunrise Stingray City and Snorkel tour. For those who want to maximize their time in the water at some of Grand Cayman’s best reefs, there is not […]

Shipwrecks of the Cayman Islands

Since James Cameron has re-released the movie Titanic, I thought I would talk a little bit about some of the shipwrecks we have here. Did you know that the East End of Grand Cayman has over 115 different shipwrecks? And those are just the ones we know about. This is how the barrier reef here […]

Where are we? We’re at The Reef!

Over the past few years White Sand Water Sports has become well known throughout the Cayman Islands as having some of the best tours and customer service available. However, many people still don’t know where we are located. Check out this great video showcasing the resort and all it has to offer. To find out […]

Only in the Cayman Islands

Anyone who has been snorkeling with us in the Cayman Islands, knows all about the wonderful and exotic marine life these islands have to offer. What many may not realize is that you can have some interesting animal encounters above the water as well. The other day I was un-winding after a hard day at […]

Which Watch To Wear? on your Cayman Island snorkel trip

A lot of people ask us about what kind of watches we wear, and whether they should take their own watches in the water with them. What many people don’t realize is that the water resistance ratings found on most watches is very misleading. Just because your watch say it is water resistant, does not […]

Get your snorkel gear here!

Most people know all about our great snorkeling tours and excursions, but White Sand Water Sports also has high quality equipment to rent right from our beach hut. When you are on your vacation in the Cayman Islands and the weather is this good, you need to grab some snorkel gear and get in the […]

Cayman Islands Snorkeling = More Fun Than Work :)

Deadline looming?  Overtimed to the tilt?  Pressure on?  We don’t look worried do we?  Now I’m not a doctor per say, but I can assure you that a snorkel a day is good for all that pains and aches.  Take a break from it all and come snorkel Cayman with us!    

Snorkeling at Ms Cleo’s Reef in the Cayman Islands

Here we are now getting started to Snorkel at one of my favourite snorkel site in the CAYMAN ISLANDS, Ms Cleo’s Reef, but SHHHH we dont wont everyone to know about it…. Weather lookin GREAT for next week, any takers??

Cayman Island Snorkeling / Wake Boarding With A GREAT Family

Sometimes we wonder how we get paid to do this Had a blast Snorkeling with our DPV’s and teaching these guys how to wakeboard! Have a safe trip back to New Jersey guys!