Grand Cayman Snorkeling Safety Tips

Coming to Grand Cayman for a family vacation and plan on snorkeling?  if so here are some great safety tips that our friends at put together.  This time of year we’re blessed with wind which makes it great for kiteboarding, sailing, windsurfing, but also means you have to take a little more caution when snorkeling. […]

Grand Cayman Snorkeling with White Sand Water Sports

For some of  the BEST snorkeling in Grand Cayman, come checkout White Sand Water Sports at The Reef Resort in East End.

Where are we? We’re at The Reef!

Over the past few years White Sand Water Sports has become well known throughout the Cayman Islands as having some of the best tours and customer service available. However, many people still don’t know where we are located. Check out this great video showcasing the resort and all it has to offer. To find out […]

Protecting the Groupers around The Cayman Islands

Here’s a great short video about conserving the Grouper populations around the Cayman Islands. All around the world fish stocks are in peril due to over-fishing, loss of habitat and pollution. Species such as grouper are specifically in danger of over fishing due to the fact they are slow to mature and don’t reproduce that […]

Come Catch A Lion Fish While Snorkeling In Grand Cayman

While we are seeing more and more of these guys popping up on our reefs, compared to the rest of the Caribbean, and the Bahamas we are doing an excellent job in slowing down the rampent growth.  Mother nature will be the one to balance it out, but we can help her along the way. […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Staff here at White Sand Water Sports just wanted to wish our Mothers, and all the mothers around the world, a safe a happy Mother’s Day. How about treating your mom to an unforgettable snorkel trip with White Sand?

Smooth Trunk fish seen snorkeling in the Cayman Islands

We are fortunate to have very healthy reefs on the East End of Grand Cayman. There is an abundance of fish and coral but also great variety of marine life. One sign of a healthy eco-system is being able to see fish in all stages of development. Here is a short clip of a couple […]

Sail & Snorkel Safari

Hey guys, I know some people have been having a little problem viewing our videos using firefox or iexplorer, but the IT technical department has been hard at work trying to fix the problem. Here is a short clip of the boys taking some lucky guests out on our Sail & Snorkel Safari. Enjoy and […]

Huge Batwing Coral Crab

It’s great that after countless snorkel trips out here on the East End of Grand Cayman, we can still find things that get us really excited.  We came across this crab while doing a drift snorkel along the barrier reef as part of our 2 Stop Snorkel Tour.  While it’s hard to tell from the […]

Apollo, is there anything he can’t do?

We get more emails and positive comments about Apollo than we do about anything or anyone else. The man is a local legend on the East End of the Grand Cayman and for good reasons. Most people know him as the outgoing guy, quick with a joke or to cut open a coconut, and a […]