We got the Blues…

Blue Iguanas that is. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff at the Botanical Gardens and the Blue Iguana Recovery Program, the Blue Iguanas are making a comeback. The animal, which is only found in Grand Cayman, just changed from being considered ‘critically endangered’ to ‘endangered’. In 2002, it was estimated there […]

have YOU seen a lion fish this big while snorkeling in Grand Cayman?

Here is a local in Bocas Del Tor showing off his Lion Fish catch!!  Would love to see Chef Ron from Tukka cook this guy up!!! the fish not the local.

Wish Grand Cayman got Surfing Waves Like This

Check out the Surf in France for the ASP World Tour.     http://quiksilverlive.com/profrance/2012/live.en.html

Young Boat Captain While Snorkeling in Grand Cayman

White Sand Water Sports young captain apprentice getting us back to the resort safe and sound after some great snorkeling in the East End of Grand Cayman.  Looks like Dave and Alan might just be able to retire early;)

Snorkeling at Ms Cleo’s Reef in the Cayman Islands

Here we are now getting started to Snorkel at one of my favourite snorkel site in the CAYMAN ISLANDS, Ms Cleo’s Reef, but SHHHH we dont wont everyone to know about it…. Weather lookin GREAT for next week, any takers??