Right next door to Morritt’s

I just wanted to remind everyone who is staying at Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Morritt’s Grand Resort that we are located right next door within walking distance of your condo. Morritt’s guests are always welcome at White Sand, and it seems each week we are getting more and more people stopping by from next door […]

White Sand is proud to be a sponser of the 2013 Mercuryman Triathlon

On January 20th 2013, athletes from the Cayman Islands and around the world will be coming to the East End to compete in the 2013 Mercuryman Triathlon. The race, which is a half Iron distance, will consist of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run and will start […]

Grand Cayman Snorkeling Safety Tips

Coming to Grand Cayman for a family vacation and plan on snorkeling?  if so here are some great safety tips that our friends at snorkeling.info put together.  This time of year we’re blessed with wind which makes it great for kiteboarding, sailing, windsurfing, but also means you have to take a little more caution when snorkeling. […]

Wishing For Surf in Grand Cayman

Can you imagine if we got waves like this in Grand Cayman? That’d be amazing!  Hope that our friend visiting gets a chance for some surf.  If not, he’ll at least get a chance to stand up paddle surf in side the reef Grand Cayman style. 

Grand Cayman 5 Day Weather Forecast

Grand Cayman Weather Today Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Chance of Rain 82°/77° Chance of a Thunderstorm 82°/77° Chance of a Thunderstorm 82°/77° Chance of a Thunderstorm 84°/75° Chance of Rain 82°/77°    

Grand Cayman Sail Snorkel Safari on our Hobie Getaway

Here is a little video of Sailing on our Hobie Getaway with some good friends staying at the reef resort.  Next time you’re in Grand Cayman come check out the East End for the best winds, and snorkeling.

Its Always Sunny Out East (well, almost always…)

After driving to 7 Mile beach the other day to deliver a stand up paddle board, I was reminded of another reason why I love it out in East End; we get a lot less rain. I drove through massive puddles, pouring rain, with the sky as black as night, only to have the clouds […]

Shipwrecks of the Cayman Islands

Since James Cameron has re-released the movie Titanic, I thought I would talk a little bit about some of the shipwrecks we have here. Did you know that the East End of Grand Cayman has over 115 different shipwrecks? And those are just the ones we know about. This is how the barrier reef here […]

On Our Way To Snorkel Some Of Grand Caymans Best Snorkel Sites

I swear we did not touch up this photo at ALL!! this is truly the color of the water in the east sound, Grand Cayman.  No matter how many times we drive by these colors, on the way to go snorkel, they NEVER get old!!

Riding The Sting Ray In Grand Cayman

Here is the GREAT McLendon family riding the Sting Ray!  Thanks for the SUPER thoughtful, and kind gift!  Its amazing how great friendships can start from only seeing people for a week every year….. (Shhhhh I know its more like three weeks, but try not to rub it in too all of the other guest).