Sting Ray City Sunrise Trip

Coming to the Cayman Islands on vacation?  Then you probably already know you CAN NOT miss the world famous Sting Ray City! But why enjoy it with the crowds, when you can have the rays to yourself on White Sand Water Sports sunrise sting ray city trip!

Cayman Islands Most Famous Photos Now At The Reef Resort

White Sand Water Sports at the Reef Resort in Grand Cayman is proud to announce that we will be carrying Cathy Church’s, Cayman’s most famous photographer photo collection at our shop onsite at the resort.  Here is one of Cathy’s most popular photo’s “Nosy Turtle”. Come check us out, and see these breathtaking photos in […]

Sunrise Sting Ray City Grand Cayman Trips

Sting ray city in Grand Cayman is the number one revenue generator of any tour offered in the entire Caribbean! and for good reason, ITS AMAZING!!!! but that does not mean that you have to share it with hundreds of people.  Come join us at White Sand Water Sports for a sunrise sting ray city […]

Sting Ray City Grand Cayman

Good things come on pairs! Here is a great shot of our boat ‘Sol Searcher’ taken by Michael Maes, Ellen Cuylaerts husband at Sting Ray City Grand Cayman. When you have photographers this good on your boat, you know your bound to get some great shots!  Thanks guys for letting us use them. We offer […]

Sunrise Sting Ray City Grand Cayman

Great shot taken by Ellen Cuylaerts of Captain Chris at world famous Sting Ray City Grand Cayman.  Coming to Grand Cayman on vacation, and looking for a memory of a life time? then book a sunrise sting ray city tour with white sand water sports.  Reserve your space before their all gone!  Paddle boarding    […]

Cayman Islands TOP Forbes Friendliest County List

I already knew we lived in a GREAT place, but for a little island like Cayman to get recognized in Forbes magazine, WOW.  SOOOO who’s next to come and visit The World’s Friendliest Countries “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home,” […]

Sting Ray City Grand Cayman with the Clark Family

Here is a GREAT shot of Captain Chris at Sting Ray City Grand Cayman with the Clark family.  Thanks for the great time, and amazing photo Steve. Want to see Chris aka the sting ray whisper at Sting ray city in action?  Then make sure you reserve your spot before there all gone!   White […]

Sunrise Sting Ray City Grand Cayman

  Coming to Grand Cayman on vacation? Then you can’t miss The Caribbean’s number 1 tourist attraction, STING RAY CITY!!! But why share it with hundereds of people, when you can share it with just a few.  Book a Sunrise Sting Ray Trip with White Sand Water Sports to have the whole sting ray sand […]

Sunrise Stingray City with a rainbow

Well the rainy season has officially begun here in Cayman, or as we like to call it, the Rainbow season. That does not mean we get a lot of rain, and it doesn’t mean that when it does rain it lasts all day. All it means is there is a higher chance of showers and […]

Snorkeling tours

White Sand is proud to offer several different snorkel tour to suit all the needs of our guests. Jet Ski snorkeling, Sail and Snorkel Safaris, and even our Sunrise Stingray City and Snorkel tour. For those who want to maximize their time in the water at some of Grand Cayman’s best reefs, there is not […]