Surfing Dog Shredding

For those curious of the photo sequence from our last post Grand Cayman Surfing Dog? Here is one of the photo’s. Ok so the surfing dog is better than me

Grand Cayman Surfing Dog?

Who says dogs can’t surf? would have loved to see the sequence of this surf session.  For everyone that knows my dog Lulu, I know it looks like her, but there is no way my dog would be a better surfer than me;)

Surfer and Shark Best Friends

Don’t think that my paddles would look so calm!!!  Do you think that it’s photo shopped?

Watch Surfing Live

Here is what the guys are watching on a slow day at the White Sand Hut.  Looking forward to tomorrow when the weather here gets a lot better.  We are starting to fill up our two stop snorkel trip and our sail snorkel safari for the end of the week.  Make sure not to take too long […]

Wishing For Surf in Grand Cayman

Can you imagine if we got waves like this in Grand Cayman? That’d be amazing!  Hope that our friend visiting gets a chance for some surf.  If not, he’ll at least get a chance to stand up paddle surf in side the reef Grand Cayman style. 

Sunrise surf still looking good.

See you in the water!!!

Grand Cayman Surfing

Forecast looking good for Wednesday Nov 28th East End Surf Session.  Any takers?  Will be heading to the anchor just after sunrise.  Hope to see you out.  

Santa Surfing in Grand Cayman

Here is Santa Clause getting a little surf in with White Sand Water Sports in Grand Cayman at the Reef Resort in East End before he gets really busy.  Mr Clause told us after Christmas finishes,  he’ll be back to Stand Up Paddle Board with us, how about you?