Where are we? We’re at The Reef!

Over the past few years White Sand Water Sports has become well known throughout the Cayman Islands as having some of the best tours and customer service available. However, many people still don’t know where we are located. Check out this great video showcasing the resort and all it has to offer. To find out […]

What a great year for Sea Turtles!

Our latest nest of turtles have just hatched and made their way safely to the ocean. This is the last nest that we know about on our beach but if we learned anything this year, it is that mother turtles can be pretty good at hiding their nests. We would like to say thanks to […]

The turtles are sneaky!

It should be quite obvious that sea turtles haven’t survived for millions of years by making their nests easy for predators to find. It would seem that they are also pretty good at hiding their nests from people too. Every day we have people walking the beach looking for turtle tracks in the sand but […]

The turtles are coming!

May to October is turtle nesting season here in the Cayman Island. We are fortunate to be located on the largest stretch of beach for any resort in Grand Cayman so the are lots of places for turtles to nest. last year we had 6 nests on the beach and so far for 2011 we […]