Easter is Coming!

Easter weekend has many different meanings for different people. For some it’s about religion, others for family, and for many it’s about chocolate. Here in Grand Cayman it’s all of those things but also camping. Easter weekend is the only time of the year where people are allowed to camp on the Beaches of Cayman […]

Hurricane Season over??? Not Quite. Grand Cayman Update

Keeping an eye on tropical storm Sandy as she heads NNE getting ready to hit Jamaica potentially as a category 1 hurricane.  Cayman’s getting lucky that there is a front coming from the NW that is pushing Sandy away.

have YOU seen a lion fish this big while snorkeling in Grand Cayman?

Here is a local in Bocas Del Tor showing off his Lion Fish catch!!  Would love to see Chef Ron from Tukka cook this guy up!!! the fish not the local.

Grand Cayman Snorkeling With Shark!!!!

Sizing up the local nurse shark while snorkeling in Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman Snorkeling with White Sand Water Sports

For some of  the BEST snorkeling in Grand Cayman, come checkout White Sand Water Sports at The Reef Resort in East End.

Wish Grand Cayman got Surfing Waves Like This

Check out the Surf in France for the ASP World Tour.     http://quiksilverlive.com/profrance/2012/live.en.html

Easy snorkeling for Canadians in Grand Cayman

Check out www.westjet.ca for direct flights from Toronto to Grand Cayman for under $200 each way!!! looking forward to seeing you ALL.  

Come Catch A Lion Fish While Snorkeling In Grand Cayman

While we are seeing more and more of these guys popping up on our reefs, compared to the rest of the Caribbean, and the Bahamas we are doing an excellent job in slowing down the rampent growth.  Mother nature will be the one to balance it out, but we can help her along the way. […]

Cayman Island Snorkeling / Wake Boarding With A GREAT Family

Sometimes we wonder how we get paid to do this Had a blast Snorkeling with our DPV’s and teaching these guys how to wakeboard! Have a safe trip back to New Jersey guys!