Grand Cayman is one of the best places to spend the Holidays!

Don’t just take our word for it, check out this list on USAtoday which compiles the best places in the Caribbean to celebrate the holidays. Grand Cayman is right at the top! We love this time of year here in Cayman, and it is nice to see we are not the only ones who think […]

GOOOOODDDDD Morning Grand Cayman From Sting Ray City

Here is Captain Chris making sure the anchor is set at Sting Ray City Sand Bar.  Does not look like he enjoys his job at all does it  Thanks to Ellen for another great shot. My option might be a biiiiiit bias, but the BEST way to see the Sting Rays while vacationing in Grand Cayman […]

Sunrise Sting Ray City Grand Cayman Trips

Sting ray city in Grand Cayman is the number one revenue generator of any tour offered in the entire Caribbean! and for good reason, ITS AMAZING!!!! but that does not mean that you have to share it with hundreds of people.  Come join us at White Sand Water Sports for a sunrise sting ray city […]

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Traveling to the Cayman Islands soon, or over the holidays? well here is a video to get you a little excited for your trip.  Still pinch myself that I get to call this home Contact us at White Sand Water Sports for all your trip inquires, in and out of the water.  We love to tell people […]

Sting Ray City Sand Bar, Grand Cayman

Just can’t get enough of the incredible photos that Michael, and Ellen take.  If you are looking for AMAZING underwater photographs, no need to look further.  Check this photo out shot by Ellen of a sting ray, and Michael closely following at Sting Ray City Sand Bar Grand Cayman, with White Sand Water Sports. STRING […]

Sunrise Sting Ray City Grand Cayman

Great shot taken by Ellen Cuylaerts of Captain Chris at world famous Sting Ray City Grand Cayman.  Coming to Grand Cayman on vacation, and looking for a memory of a life time? then book a sunrise sting ray city tour with white sand water sports.  Reserve your space before their all gone!  Paddle boarding    […]

Rested and Ready at our Office in Grand Cayman

After a much needed break during the reef resort annual week shutdown for maintenance, the staff at White Sand feel rested, and ready for this upcoming season. Come sign up for a Sting Ray city trip, or take a paddle board out and  put the boys to work….. cause really do YOU call this a job […]

Star Fish Point Grand Cayman

Here is Captain Chris at Star Fish point after a great day of playing with the rays.  Looks like the guest are not the only one’s not wanting Captain Chris to leave.  Randy the dolphin trying to swim away with our anchor. STRING RAY CITY            SUP RENTALS           […]

Sting Ray City Grand Cayman From Rum Point

Here is a GREAT shot of Sting Ray city in the distance, taken from Rum Point dock in Grand Cayman.  Not much else needed to say…   STRING RAY CITY            SUP RENTALS                SAILING                 PRIVATE CHARTER […]

Sting Ray City Grand Cayman with the Clark Family

Here is a GREAT shot of Captain Chris at Sting Ray City Grand Cayman with the Clark family.  Thanks for the great time, and amazing photo Steve. Want to see Chris aka the sting ray whisper at Sting ray city in action?  Then make sure you reserve your spot before there all gone!   White […]