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White Sand Water Sports Grand Cayman

Not a bad view from our shop! Open Sundays for your convenience at The Reef Resort.

RETAIL SHOP                STRING RAY CITY                SUP RENTALS                      SAILING  

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GOOOOODDDDD Morning Grand Cayman From Sting Ray City

Here is Captain Chris making sure the anchor is set at Sting Ray City Sand Bar.  Does not look like he enjoys his job at all does it  Thanks to Ellen for another great shot.
My option might be a biiiiiit bias, but the BEST way to see the Sting Rays while vacationing in Grand [...]

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Wa SUP Santa!! You Got YOUR Boards Ready for Christmas Break?

The holidays are just around the corner, and we are almost out of ALL stand up paddle boards for rent!  If you are heading to Grand Cayman these holidays, and are looking for the BEST deal on week SUP rentals, then make sure and reserve your boards soon, cause we only have a few left. [...]

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Rested and Ready at our Office in Grand Cayman

After a much needed break during the reef resort annual week shutdown for maintenance, the staff at White Sand feel rested, and ready for this upcoming season. Come sign up for a Sting Ray city trip, or take a paddle board out and  put the boys to work….. cause really do YOU call this a job [...]

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Sting Ray City Grand Cayman From Rum Point

Here is a GREAT shot of Sting Ray city in the distance, taken from Rum Point dock in Grand Cayman.  Not much else needed to say…
STRING RAY CITY            SUP RENTALS                SAILING                 PRIVATE CHARTER

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Stingray City Charters

What’s better than going to Stingray City with your family and friends? Having the whole boat to yourself! White Sand has great rates on private charters and we can tailor the tour to your liking. Visiting the stingray at a shallow sandbar, snorkelling fantastic reefs, stopping at secluded beaches and just cruising [...]

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The Next Grand Cayman Sting Ray City/Sand Bar Boat

Hey guys! here are some photos of our boat up on the stands getting ready for a bottom coat of paint.  Getting so close, and SOOO excited!!  Thank You ALL for helping out on Name this Boat!  We have decided to narrow it down to our three favourite names: “Stuck N’ Traffic” “Little Stinger” OR [...]

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Grand Cayman’s Next Sting Ray Charter Boat

Here is a great Before shot of White Sand’s not so new Sting Ray City/Sand bar charter boat.

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Grand Cayman’s Next Sting Ray Charter Boat

Here is an After shot of White Sand’s now new Sting Ray City/Sand Bar boat.  It has come along way and we are almost done.  Just have to finish the railings.  Due to slight modifications of the boat, we had to brain storm on how to re-install the railings, but we thing we got it [...]

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The Next Sting Ray Charter Boat Day 6

Can you believe this is the same boat that we first showed you a week ago?  Lots of hard work has finally paid off, and the boat runs great!! We tried it out in front of the reef resort, and she ran beautifully!!  We decided to go with a 90hp 4 stroke Suzuki from our [...]

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