Sting Ray City Sunrise Trip

Coming to the Cayman Islands on vacation?  Then you probably already know you CAN NOT miss the world famous Sting Ray City! But why enjoy it with the crowds, when you can have the rays to yourself on White Sand Water Sports sunrise sting ray city trip!

Sunrise Sting Ray City Grand Cayman Trips

Sting ray city in Grand Cayman is the number one revenue generator of any tour offered in the entire Caribbean! and for good reason, ITS AMAZING!!!! but that does not mean that you have to share it with hundreds of people.  Come join us at White Sand Water Sports for a sunrise sting ray city […]

Rested and Ready at our Office in Grand Cayman

After a much needed break during the reef resort annual week shutdown for maintenance, the staff at White Sand feel rested, and ready for this upcoming season. Come sign up for a Sting Ray city trip, or take a paddle board out and  put the boys to work….. cause really do YOU call this a job […]

Great feedback for our Sunrise Stingray City Tours

We knew as soon as we starting doing our Sunrise Stingray City Tours that they would be a success. Who wouldn’t want to visit the sandbar and all those friendly stingrays with just a few other people? What we didn’t know was just how overwhelmingly positive the feedback would be. Here is a little excerpt […]

The Next Sting Ray Charter Boat Day 6

Can you believe this is the same boat that we first showed you a week ago?  Lots of hard work has finally paid off, and the boat runs great!! We tried it out in front of the reef resort, and she ran beautifully!!  We decided to go with a 90hp 4 stroke Suzuki from our […]

The Next Sting Ray Charter Boat Day 4

Starting to look like a boat Both bench seats, and floor are fiberglassed. Sand then sprinkled from a salt shaker for the non-slip floor.  As well, we moved the steering consol to the back of the boat.  This allows us to fit two more people, for a total of 12 guest passengers.  ‘SANDY’  ‘RAY RUNNER’ or ‘RUM […]

The Next Grand Cayman Sting Ray Charter Boat Day 3

The Boat is starting to take shape and looking a lot better after we got all the rotted wood, and fully rooted tree out.  Getting ready for the fiberglassing to start.  We are starting to get a few suggestions on names, what do you guys things of ‘RAY RUNNER’, ‘SANDY’ or ‘RUM & COKE’  Keep […]

White Sand Water Sports SOON COME Sting Ray City Boat

We are proud to accounce that White Sand Water Sports at the Reef Resort will soon be offering Sting Ray Sand Bar Trips!!!  Keeping White Sand’s theme of small intimate groups, we will take a max. of 12 passengers.  We will also offer Sunrise Sting Ray trips to beat all the crowds and share the […]