Huge School of Rays

Check out this cool National Geographic video of a HUGE school of rays

Sunrise Sting Ray City Grand Cayman Trips

Sting ray city in Grand Cayman is the number one revenue generator of any tour offered in the entire Caribbean! and for good reason, ITS AMAZING!!!! but that does not mean that you have to share it with hundreds of people.  Come join us at White Sand Water Sports for a sunrise sting ray city […]

Grand Cayman’s Next Sting Ray Charter Boat

Here is an After shot of White Sand’s now new Sting Ray City/Sand Bar boat.  It has come along way and we are almost done.  Just have to finish the railings.  Due to slight modifications of the boat, we had to brain storm on how to re-install the railings, but we thing we got it […]

The Next Sting Ray Charter Boat Day 6

Can you believe this is the same boat that we first showed you a week ago?  Lots of hard work has finally paid off, and the boat runs great!! We tried it out in front of the reef resort, and she ran beautifully!!  We decided to go with a 90hp 4 stroke Suzuki from our […]

Green Moray Sighting While Snorkeling in Grand Cayman

This guy tensed up reeeaalllllyy quick as I swam down to take this shot of him. Not the same one at Sting Ray Sand Bar, so we’ll just keep our distance

Snorkeling In The Cayman Islands with Eagle Rays

Went back to snorkel where I saw the Nurse shark to get more footage, only to find these two guys instead! Another GREAT day snorkeling CAYMAN ISLANDS style.