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Not a bad view from our shop! Open Sundays for your convenience at The Reef Resort.

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GOOOOODDDDD Morning Grand Cayman From Sting Ray City

Here is Captain Chris making sure the anchor is set at Sting Ray City Sand Bar.  Does not look like he enjoys his job at all does it  Thanks to Ellen for another great shot.
My option might be a biiiiiit bias, but the BEST way to see the Sting Rays while vacationing in Grand [...]

Sting Ray City Sand Bar, Grand Cayman

Just can’t get enough of the incredible photos that Michael, and Ellen take.  If you are looking for AMAZING underwater photographs, no need to look further.  Check this photo out shot by Ellen of a sting ray, and Michael closely following at Sting Ray City Sand Bar Grand Cayman, with White Sand Water Sports.


Sunrise Sting Ray City Grand Cayman


Coming to Grand Cayman on vacation? Then you can’t miss The Caribbean’s number 1 tourist attraction, STING RAY CITY!!! But why share it with hundereds of people, when you can share it with just a few.  Book a Sunrise Sting Ray Trip with White Sand Water Sports to have the whole sting ray sand bar [...]

Great feedback for our Sunrise Stingray City Tours

We knew as soon as we starting doing our Sunrise Stingray City Tours that they would be a success. Who wouldn’t want to visit the sandbar and all those friendly stingrays with just a few other people? What we didn’t know was just how overwhelmingly positive the feedback [...]

No Crowds At Sting Ray City Grand Cayman

There is good reason why Sting Ray City in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands is the busiest tourist attraction in the Caribbean, its simply AMAZING!!! But with hundreds of thousands of tourist visiting Sting Ray City each year it can get really crowded.  That’s why we decided to start our Sunrise Sting Ray City Trips!  The BEST way [...]

Grand Cayman Sting Ray City Sunrise Trips

Unquestionably the BEST way to see the Famous Sting Ray City in Grand Cayman.  We are SO proud to announce that we have been offering Sunrise Sting Ray City Sand Bar trips, and they have been a HIT!!!! We meet at Kaibo Yacht Club at 7am and arrive at Sting Ray city around 7:15.  On [...]