The boys cruising the North Sound in the new boat

White Sand is thrilled to add to our fleet and expand the tours we offer; including Stingray City Trips, North Sound Boat Charters, and water-taxi service. Here is just a quick pic of the boys cruising on the maiden voyage. Rides like a dream!

Grand Cayman SUP Surfing

We got inspired by Santa Clause Surfing yesterday, so Dave decided to hit the waves at the Reef Resort in East End.  These waves break inside the barrier reef, making them perfect to learn how to catch a wave.  Ask White Sand Water Sports about our surfboard and stand up paddle board rentals.  Don’t forget, […]

East End Grand Cayman Water Sports Family Grows!!

White Sand Water Sports at the Reef Resort in East End Grand Cayman would like to welcome our friends at The Sweet Spot to East Ends water sports family.  You looking for the best kiteboard instructors that the Caymans have to offer? then look no further!  The kite instructors at The Sweet Spot know their […]

Sandy decides not to visit Grand Cayman

As of 8am Sandy had wind gust of 85mph, and maximum sustained winds of 70mph making it close to a Category 1 hurricane.  With its straight north movement, Sandy looks to have decided not to visit Grand Cayman.  

Grand Cayman Turtle Swims Towards Home in New Found Freedom

Sir Thomas Turtleton, a former long term resident of the Cayman Turtle Farm, has made the most of his new found freedom. The turtle, which was released last weekend to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee, has dodged the poachers and made it all the way to the Nicaraguan border. The 60-year-old turtle, which weighs […]

Grand Cayman Ship Wreck Jet Ski Tour

  Here is a Pre Hurricane Ivan photo of the ‘Wreck of the Ridgefield’ in East End Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.  Does not look like this anymore that’s for sure.  Come Join us on a Jet Ski Adventure tour and see up close and personal how much she has changed since the photo

Cat vs Crab

The ultimate battle for beach supremacy continues…

In case you needed more convincing to come visit…..

Hey Guys, just thought I would share this great little video I came across. It really shows some of the beauty of Cayman and what we have to offer. As great as this video is though, it only scratches the surface on what there is to see and do here. Enjoy the video and start […]

Two more satisfied customers

Apollo does it again. His Kayaking for Coconuts tour is always a hit with the guests. No only do you get a guided trip down the coast with East End’s best tour guide, but you finish off the trip with nature’s best thirst quencher, coconut water. What more can you ask for?!

On Our Way To Snorkel Some Of Grand Caymans Best Snorkel Sites

I swear we did not touch up this photo at ALL!! this is truly the color of the water in the east sound, Grand Cayman.  No matter how many times we drive by these colors, on the way to go snorkel, they NEVER get old!!