Jetovator Cayman Flying By The Reef Resort and Morritt’s Tortuga

Great way to celebrate graduating high school and getting ready for the collage adventure!  Thanks to the McLendon Crew for the Private Jetovator Charter

Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

There are many reasons why paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world. – The learning curve in incredibly quick so anyone can learn to do it in a short period of time. – It provides great health benefits for both the body and mind. – Its a good way to meet […]

Nate, An Inspiration For People and Surfing

  Nate is an inspiration to all of us!! what’s stopping you from learning to surf?  Come down to the Reef Resort in East End Grand Cayman, and ask the guys at White Sand water sports for a surf lesson.

Wishing For Surf in Grand Cayman

Can you imagine if we got waves like this in Grand Cayman? That’d be amazing!  Hope that our friend visiting gets a chance for some surf.  If not, he’ll at least get a chance to stand up paddle surf in side the reef Grand Cayman style. 

Grand Cayman Snorkeling vs. Snow Snorkeling

Are you missing snorkeling that much?  Well Don’t worry, White Sand Water Sports are offering discounts on any snorkeling trip that you book within your first day stay.  New to snorkeling? that’s ok.  White Sand offers snorkeling sites that are perfect for the novice snorkeler, and with a guide in the water to help you […]

East End Grand Cayman Water Sports Family Grows!!

White Sand Water Sports at the Reef Resort in East End Grand Cayman would like to welcome our friends at The Sweet Spot to East Ends water sports family.  You looking for the best kiteboard instructors that the Caymans have to offer? then look no further!  The kite instructors at The Sweet Spot know their […]

Hurricane Season over??? Not Quite. Grand Cayman Update

Keeping an eye on tropical storm Sandy as she heads NNE getting ready to hit Jamaica potentially as a category 1 hurricane.  Cayman’s getting lucky that there is a front coming from the NW that is pushing Sandy away.

Amazing Encounter with a Dolphin Today!

Wow, we always say you never know what you will see when you come on tour with White Sand Water Sports, but this is definitely a first for us. We have heard rumours about a dolphin being sighted in the area, but as they are quite rare in these parts we didn’t think we would […]

Young Boat Captain While Snorkeling in Grand Cayman

White Sand Water Sports young captain apprentice getting us back to the resort safe and sound after some great snorkeling in the East End of Grand Cayman.  Looks like Dave and Alan might just be able to retire early;)

Where are we? We’re at The Reef!

Over the past few years White Sand Water Sports has become well known throughout the Cayman Islands as having some of the best tours and customer service available. However, many people still don’t know where we are located. Check out this great video showcasing the resort and all it has to offer. To find out […]