Sting Ray City


We are proud to have started to offer Sting Ray City/ Sand Bar Excursions!  What sets our sting ray city trips apart from the rest is our small groups, a maximum of 12 people, and the fact we run our trips during ‘off’ times when the sand bar is not too busy.  The BEST and so far most popular with our guest has been the Sunrise Trips, which leaves Kaibo Yacht Club at 7am!  (Click here to see directions from our main location at the reef resort to Kaibo yacht club) Get to the sand bar before the crowds, and when the sting rays are ready for their first meal of the day.   We will leave the sand bar after an hour to head to the North Sounds barrier reef for some snorkeling.  While snorkeling, you’ll see the fleet of boats with all of the cruis shippers racing to get their spot at Sting Ray City.   If you’re not an early riser,and you’re looking to sleep-in on your vacation, then we can offer you an afternoon trip.  We head to the barrier reef for snorkeling first to give the crowds at the Sand Bar a chance to subside since all of the cruise shippers must get back to port.  While the Sand bar will have more people on it than the sunrise trip, there will be much less than an hour prior to our trip.

Sting Ray City in Grand Cayman is the number one tourist attraction in the Caribbean for good reason,  but that does not mean that you have to see it with everyone else at the same time.  So come join White Sand Water Sports to see the beautiful sting rays of Grand Cayman minus the crowds.


Private Charter:  $499 USD  (up to 6 people.  $25 USD more per extra person)

Adults : $59USD

Kids 12 & U : $49 USD